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VIDEO: Your guide to navigating Nissan Manuals

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
Screenshot of Nissan Service Manual page

How to use online Nissan service manuals

One of the most important pieces of literature you receive when purchasing a new or new-to-you model is the service manual. In here you can find user information, parts information, and loads of other driver-centered information. In an effort to make it easier for drivers, Nissan has put many of these manuals online for easy search and access, no matter where you are. A lot of drivers are wondering how to use online Nissan service manuals, so we are making sure to share this video with you regarding them. Check out this blog post for more information! (more…)

How to Conserve Fuel with Your Nissan Juke

Sunday, December 27th, 2015
Nissan Juke Fuel Montgomery

Nissan Juke Fuel MontgomerySaving fuel in Montgomery is easy with the Nissan Juke. This crossover already gets 28 mpg in the city and 34 on the highway, giving you a head start. These numbers mean that even if you occasionally engage in fuel-wasting behaviors, you won’t have to stop at the gas station to frequently. If, on the other hand, you pair fuel-saving strategies with the impressive EPA ratings of the Juke, you will find your savings adding up quickly.

Limit Your Driving

The easiest way to conserve fuel with your Juke is to drive it less frequently. While this may not always be a possibility, there are some ways you drive less without noticing a sacrifice to your lifestyle. Try carpooling with a friend on the way to work or combine multiple errands into a single trip. Not only will you use less gas because you travel a shorter distance, but your engine will be working at peak efficiency for these trips. That is because your engine uses more fuel during the first several miles if it hasn’t been in use for a few hours.

Avoid Idling

Anytime you are idling, you are wasting gas in your Nissan Juke. The only exception to this is when it is extremely hot or cold outside and you need to take advantage of the climate control system. Otherwise, you are wasting fuel without going anywhere. To reduce time spent idling, try to avoid traffic jams by picking a different route. Also, consider turning off your Juke if you are waiting for someone and know he or she will be late.

Remove Extra Weight

Any extra weight in or on your Juke will lower its fuel efficiency since the engine has to work harder. This means that you shouldn’t leave that empty roof carrier on top of your Juke; not only will it add weight, but it will create wind resistance. You should also take out the random supplies, like sports equipment, you leave in your car all week long. Instead, only carry things around on the days you will need them. Store them in a convenient place, such as right next to your crossover in your garage, so you won’t forget these items.

To further conserve fuel in your Nissan Juke, you should also make sure you keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. The team at the service center at Jack Ingram Nissan can help you with maintenance, and the friendly staff can give you more fuel-saving tips for your trips around Montgomery, Alabama.

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What Is Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint?

Friday, July 31st, 2015
Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint Montgomery

Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint MontgomeryBy now, you may have seen videos floating around the web featuring a Nissan LEAF magically repelling paint, slush, or other substances. This is thanks to Nissan’s self-cleaning paint, an innovative idea that will someday revolutionize the way we wash and care for our vehicles. This paint, known as Ultra-Ever Dry, was developed by UltraTech International Inc. in partnership with Nissan.

How the Paint Works

The self-cleaning paint relies on nano-paint technology to create a surface that is oleophobic and hydrophobic, meaning that it is able to repel both oil and water. Nissan has explained this as the paint creating an air layer surrounding the vehicle’s surface. The idea is that cars painted with this new paint will look better daily, repel dirt and other substances, and require less cleaning. It will hopefully reduce the overall wear and tear caused when the outer layers of typical paint begin to deteriorate, leaving the metal of the car exposed.

Testing and Availability

Because it is completely different from anything currently available on the market, the self-cleaning paint will be undergoing a great deal of testing before it can become available in the Nissan lineup. There have been tests with the Note and LEAF in Europe as well as testing with the LEAF in the United States. If you watch the videos of the paint in action, these are from the testing stages in the U.S. on the Nissan LEAF.

If you want to learn more about Nissan’s revolutionary self-cleaning paint or if you will be able to drive a vehicle with it anytime soon, talk to the team at Jack Ingram Nissan in Montgomery, Alabama.

How to Maintain the Fluids in Your Nissan

Friday, July 10th, 2015
Nissan Fluids Montgomery

Nissan Fluids MontgomeryEven if you aren’t very familiar with the inner workings of your Nissan, you should take the time to learn about maintaining the fluids in the vehicle. Each of these serves a specific purpose, such as keeping systems cool or lubricated, so any issue with fluid levels or consistency may lead to a need for major repairs. Instead of simply bringing your Nissan to your Montgomery mechanic to check the fluids, here are some simple things you can do yourself.

Engine Oil

If you didn’t have oil in your engine, it would stop working nearly immediately, as this fluid is necessary for a healthy, long motor life. To check the oil, take your Nissan on a quick drive, then let it sit at least 5 minutes so the oil can settle. Open your hood, remove the dipstick, wipe it clean, and stick it back in the system to check the oil level. Add oil if necessary.

Automatic Transmission

The vast majority of modern Nissan vehicles run on an automatic transmission, and you should check the fluid for this system while your engine is running. This dipstick will typically be behind your oil dipstick, and you check in the same way as the engine oil. It is rare for transmission fluid to be low, so if there isn’t enough or it is dark in color, consider taking your Nissan to a mechanic for a fluid change.

Cooling System and Radiator

You will want to check the fluids in your cooling system and radiator when the system is either cool or lukewarm; checking it when it is hot can lead to a burn risk. To check this, simply remove the radiator cap and glance at the fluid. Look at the level and add engine coolant with water if necessary. A visual check of the coolant reservoir is all that is necessary for that particular fluid.

If you have any questions about maintaining the fluids in your Nissan, the team at Jack Ingram Nissan in Montgomery, Alabama, will be happy to answer them.