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Do you need to fill your Nissan vehicle up with premium-grade fuel? Probably not

By Product Expert | Posted in New Vehicles, Nissan, Tips & Tricks on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 at 3:06 pm
A stock photo of a gas pump with three grades of fuel available.

Do Nissan vehicles require premium fuel?

Have you ever been filling your vehicle with gas and wondered about the difference between the types of gasoline? You are by no means the only person to have questions. In fact, just about anytime someone comes into the Jack Ingram Nissan showroom for the first time they ask, ‘Do Nissan vehicles require premium fuel?’ Except for a few notable exceptions, the answer is no. The automaker’s engineers have built their engines to run clean and efficiently using regular-grade fuel. If that still isn’t very clear, a few Jack Ingram Nissan product experts got together to help answer this relatively important question. Let’s take a look at what they found.

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What is premium fuel?

The yellow buttons with black numbers on them denote how much octane each grade of fuel contains. This is the primary differences among regular, mid-grade and premium-grade gasoline. A fuel’s octane content is basically a rating of how stable the fuel is. The more octane a fuel contains, the harder it actually is to get it to ignite. This may sound counterintuitive until you learn why this is necessary. Vehicles using high-performance engines have higher compression ratios. Using these kinds of engines with a lower grade fuel could lead to engine knocking – which is unintended combustion of fuel.

What happens if I use the wrong kind of fuel?

As we said earlier, almost every Nissan vehicle for sale or lease at Jack Ingram Nissan is designed to run cleanly and efficiently using regular-grade gas. But what would happen if someone mistakenly filled their vehicle with premium? Other than spending more money than necessary, this isn’t a huge deal. Most people probably wouldn’t notice any difference.

What about if a vehicle requires premium and the tank gets filled with something else? This is a scenario where someone might notice a difference. A vehicle that requires premium and ends up with regular or mid-grade fuel in the tank might have a loss of power and/or a loss of fuel economy. If this is just a one-time mistake, no big deal. The effects of long-term use of fuel with lower octane in a vehicle that requires high-octane are debatable. Some say that it can damage the engine, while others say there is nothing to worry about.

As always, it’s always the best idea to follow the recommendations outlined in a vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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  1. Billy Smith says:

    My 2000 maxima runs better and engine ping is so much quieter when I use higher octane.

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