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Driving a Nissan Leaf till the Wheels Fall off

By aunderwood1976 | Posted in Leaf on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 at 9:26 am
Nissan LEAF

Gas prices tend to be high around the world, it is no surprise that Nissan Leaf drivers spend significantly more time behind the wheel than those who drive gas cars. In fact, one study showed that the average Leaf owner drives 50 percent more frequently than owners of conventional cars.

Nissan LEAF

Why People Drive the Leaf More Often

When it comes down to cost and convenience, it does make sense that Leaf owners drive more often. The biggest factor is that they don’t have to worry about paying for gas, no matter how high the prices get. In addition, electric cars like the Leaf are very affordable to operate. Depending on the country in question, electric car drivers even get access to free parking and/or bus lanes, making these vehicles more attractive.

What Drivers Say

Nissan has taken a look at what drivers have to say about the Leaf via specific apps, and this insight was eye opening. It turns out that a large number of Leaf owners originally plan on using the vehicle as a second car, but end up driving it more due to the low servicing and fuel costs combined with the silent ride.

Driving the Leaf by the Numbers

The research in shows that an average Leaf owner will drive the car around 10,307 miles annually. In comparison, a typical combustion-powered car owner will drive just 6,721 miles. This simply confirms that the Nissan Leaf truly is able to take care of your daily driving. The average Leaf driver was on the road 198 miles each week.

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