How To Hook Up Your Nissan To Bluetooth

If your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth Streaming Audio, you can access and play audio files from your compatible Bluetooth device from the vehicle’s audio system. It is necessary to set-up the wireless connection between a compatible audio device and the in-vehicle Bluetooth module before using BluetoothAudio.

For vehicles equipped with this audio system, perform the following procedure to connect your Bluetooth Audio device to the vehicle.

  • Press the “Phone Send” button on the steering wheel.
  • When prompted, say: “Connect Phone.”
  • Then, say: “Add Phone.”
  • The system will acknowledge the command and ask you to initiate connecting from the phone hand set.
  • When prompted for a passkey code, enter: “1234.” This code is assigned by Nissan and cannot be changed.

The connecting procedure varies according to each cellular phone model. See the cellular phone manufacturer’s owner’s manual for details.

  • After your device is connected, you can switch to BluetoothAudio mode by pressing the “Media” button repeatedly until the BluetoothAudio mode is displayed on the screen.
  • Use the vehicle audio controls, or the Bluetooth device’s controls to play, pause, skip, or reverse tracks.
  • Please be aware that the BluetoothAudio player may not be available immediately after starting the vehicle. Please allow a short time for the paired phone’s phonebook to update before selecting or pairing a BluetoothAudio player.
  • In some cases, the sound quality is compromised through the Bluetooth connection. If you have this experience, we recommend using the USB audio input if so equipped.
  • Please see your owner’s manual for important safety information, system limitations, and additional operating information.

If your Bluetooth is not cooperating, feel free to stop by Jack Ingram Nissan in Montgomery, AL and we will glad to hook it up for you.