A stock photo of a person filling up a car with gas.

The low fuel light is on; how far can you push it?

How far will my Nissan car/crossover SUV/truck go on empty?

There is nothing quite like the empty feeling that hits the pit of a person’s stomach when they hear the sound of an engine shutting down because they’re out of gas. Modern vehicles help drivers avoid this by giving them a warning light to let them know they need to find a gas station in very short order. There are a fair number of people who wonder, ‘How far will my Nissan car/crossover SUV/truck go on empty?’ A group of Jack Ingram Nissan product experts got together and did some research to answer this important question. To be of further assistance, the group focused on some of the automaker’s most popular models. The information was compiled from a variety of model years, so these numbers are a broad average. Let’s see what they found.

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A front left quarter photo of the Nissan Altima.

Nissan Altima

Average Distance: 41.57 miles
Data Points: 116
Max. 2020 Fuel Economy: 25/34

A rear right quarter photo of the Nissan Maxima.

Nissan Maxima

Average Distance: 42.28 miles
Data Points: 69
Max. 2019 Fuel Economy: 20/30

A left profile photo of the Nissan Murano.

Nissan Murano

Average Distance: 46.54 miles
Data Points: 24
Max. 2019 Fuel Economy: 20/28

A front left quarter photo of the Nissan Murano.

Nissan Rogue

Average Distance: 47.58 miles
Data Points: 12
Max. 2019 Fuel Economy: 26/33

A left profile photo of the Nissan Sentra.

Nissan Sentra

Average Distance: 39.14 miles
Data Points: 87
Max. 2019 Fuel Economy: 29/37

A photo of the Nissan Titan driving over a dirt road.

Nissan Titan

Average Distance: 58.37 miles
Data Points: 19
Max. 2019 Fuel Economy: 15/21

How can I get better fuel economy?

There are a few things that drivers can do to help themselves get better fuel economy scores. The most important thing is to make sure you follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance. An engine that has to work harder will burn more fuel. This idea also applies to acceleration. You don’t need to mash on the gas pedal as soon as the traffic light turns green. Finally, make sure your tires are properly inflated. In addition to other issues, under-inflated tires will have a negative effect on fuel economy.

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