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Are you aware of your lease end options? Jack Ingram Nissan is here to help

By Product Expert | Posted in Financing, Nissan on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 6:53 pm
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What can I do when my Nissan lease is over?

One of the most popular ways people choose to take advantage of everything a Nissan vehicle has to offer is to take out a lease. There are lots of reasons for customers to lease a vehicle from Jack Ingram Nissan. However, that isn’t what this blog is about. If you’re wondering, ‘What can I do when my Nissan lease is over,’ the financial team at Jack Ingram Nissan has a few answers that might help you make your decision. Basically, customers have three options when their lease is over: start a new term with a new vehicle, buy the vehicle outright, or just return the vehicle and walk away. Let’s see what our team came up with.

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Start a new Nissan lease

The most common route people take on their leasing journey is starting a new one when the previous one is over. Before the lease officially ends, leaseholders will need to have an inspection done. The process can be completed in about 30 minutes at Jack Ingram Nissan, the lease holder’s home or work. An inspection can be scheduled by calling Alliance Inspection Management Center, 800-253-9026. If the inspection finds that the vehicle has excessive wear-and-tear, it can be repaired prior to turning it in or the leaseholder may be charged additional fees.

Keep your vehicle

By the time your lease is over, it’s fairly likely that you have fallen in love with it and would like to keep it forever. When the term is over, there will be a number listed in the lease paperwork that will be the lease-purchase price. At this point, customers can pay cash or get a loan for the remaining balance. If this is the option you’d like to take, make an appointment with a Jack Ingram Nissan representative today.

Return your Nissan vehicle

If you have decided you want to just walk away from your vehicle when your lease is over, you can do that. You’ll need to schedule a lease-end inspection in addition to making an appointment to return the vehicle, completing a federal odometer/lease termination statement and a few other things. Make an appointment with us today for more information.

We hope you enjoyed your Nissan lease as much as we have enjoyed helping you identify your options. Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about your options when your Nissan lease is over.

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