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What Is Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint?

By aunderwood1976 | Posted in Leaf, Nissan Maintenance on Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 11:25 am
Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint Montgomery

Nissan’s Self-Cleaning Paint MontgomeryBy now, you may have seen videos floating around the web featuring a Nissan LEAF magically repelling paint, slush, or other substances. This is thanks to Nissan’s self-cleaning paint, an innovative idea that will someday revolutionize the way we wash and care for our vehicles. This paint, known as Ultra-Ever Dry, was developed by UltraTech International Inc. in partnership with Nissan.

How the Paint Works

The self-cleaning paint relies on nano-paint technology to create a surface that is oleophobic and hydrophobic, meaning that it is able to repel both oil and water. Nissan has explained this as the paint creating an air layer surrounding the vehicle’s surface. The idea is that cars painted with this new paint will look better daily, repel dirt and other substances, and require less cleaning. It will hopefully reduce the overall wear and tear caused when the outer layers of typical paint begin to deteriorate, leaving the metal of the car exposed.

Testing and Availability

Because it is completely different from anything currently available on the market, the self-cleaning paint will be undergoing a great deal of testing before it can become available in the Nissan lineup. There have been tests with the Note and LEAF in Europe as well as testing with the LEAF in the United States. If you watch the videos of the paint in action, these are from the testing stages in the U.S. on the Nissan LEAF.

If you want to learn more about Nissan’s revolutionary self-cleaning paint or if you will be able to drive a vehicle with it anytime soon, talk to the team at Jack Ingram Nissan in Montgomery, Alabama.


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