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Battery Maintenance in Montgomery, AL

There is almost no worse feeling then when you go to start your vehicle and it will not turn over. Although this could be a different issue with your vehicle, it is often an indication that you need a new battery. When you have your battery changed at Jack Ingram Nissan, you can trust that the new battery will meet its original requirements. In addition, all Nissan batteries come with an 84-month Limited Warranty. More information about changing the battery in your vehicle can be found below.

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What kind of battery do you need?

There are three Nissan battery options. They include the Standard Flooded, Enhanced Flooded, and Absorbed Glass Mat. The Standard Flooded battery is the most common that is used in Nissan vehicles. It is designed for high-cranking or high cycling. The Enhanced Flooded Battery is a bit more powerful than the Standard Flooded battery, and it helps with start/stop technology. Finally, the Absorbed Glass Mat battery is the highest performing and most robust battery. Not only does it support start/stop technology, but it also has a regenerative braking and a passive boost.

What are the symptoms of a dead battery?

If you have had the battery in your Nissan vehicle for a while, it will sometimes give you a warning that it is dying. Some of these warning signs include slow cranking when starting your vehicle, clicking noises when starting your vehicle, the interior lights are dim, the dashboard battery light remains illuminated, and your vehicle needs a jump to start. It is important that if your vehicle displays any of these symptoms that an appointment is made immediately so that it does not become a larger issue and you are not able to use your vehicle due to a dead battery.

Where can I get my battery replaced in Montgomery, AL?

Is your vehicle showing any of the symptoms above? Maybe it has been a while since the battery in your vehicle has been serviced. Either way, you can schedule an appointment at Jack Ingram Nissan. Our friendly and knowledgeable service department team members use only genuine OEM parts to help ensure that your vehicle will last a long time before your next service appointment. Finally, our technicians work hard to fix your vehicle and have you back on the road in a timely manner. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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