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How to reprogram your Nissan fob yourself

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Tips & Tricks on Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 3:19 pm
front view of the 2016 nissan sentra

Steps to reprogram your Nissan key fob

Compared to the first vehicles in history that didn’t have a radio, windows, or seatbelts, you could say that we’re spoiled. When something is out of the norm for us though, like having to remember to manually lock and unlock our doors when we’ve grown accustom to just pressing a button on the key fob, it can be a real pain in the butt.

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While your Nissan key fob will be programmed when you purchase a new one from Jack Ingram Nissan, in the event that you are looking for steps to reprogram your Nissan key fob, we would be more than happy to help walk you through.

Six Steps to Programming Your Nissan Key Fob

1. Open the door of your Nissan vehicle and sit down behind the wheel. Easy enough right?

2. Press the “lock doors” button on the driver’s side panel below your window to lock ALL of the doors.

3. Insert and remove your key exactly 6 times from the ignition within 10 seconds. You’ll know that it worked successfully when the exterior and interior lights of the vehicle flash.

nissan key fob reprogrammingTiming really does matter, so if you don’t get it the first time, it’s no problem; you’ll just have to try again.

4. Once the lights have flashed, place the key in the ignition. Your vehicle will now allow you to turn the key to “Accessories Mode.”

5. With your key fob in hand, press any button you’d like, but only press it once.

You’ll know that this step worked if the hazard lights flash once. This is signaling you that your fob is currently being programmed.

6. If programming was successful, you’ll be able to remove the key from the ignition, unlock all of the doors using the button on the side panel, and step out of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Shut the door and try out your key fob to make sure that everything has worked properly; if it does not, repeat the steps and watch for the “hazard light signals.”

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Should you continue to have difficulty with the key fob, rather than getting frustrated, we would like to welcome you here to Jack Ingram Nissan where our service department will be able to lend a hand.


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